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The technique failed to credit the Associate's account 2 out of five occasions. As pointed out to Amazon, provided the sheer volume, scope and magnitude of transactions taking location at Amazon on a frequent basis, if the technique have been to fail to credit Amazon's account 40% of the time (two out of 5), the organization would be out business enterprise by now and have by no means grown to be the giant that it is nowadays. It would have in no way knowledgeable any growth at all. If that colossal rate (40%) of account-crediting failure is unacceptable to Amazon's account, the identical must hold correct for Associates' accounts.

The bar is set so higher, even when the Associates play by Amazon's own rules (Experiment No. five), they can't win or beat Amazon at its personal game, i.e. denying affiliate marketing for dummies blog and depriving (most of the time) the affiliate marketing companies in chennai Associates of their rightly earned referral costs.

Once again, the aim of this post is not to denigrate, nor tarnish Amazon's name or image in any way. It is basically to bring focus to and shed light on an unfair business practice, which, in our opinion, will be detrimental to Amazon's interest in the short and extended run, have been it to fail to address it, to take the proper course of action to remedy a flawed referral policy.
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